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Popular Surnames: King, Keeble, Keable, Thorogood, Child, Hills, Fletcher, Kain, Scorey, Robinson, Woolf, Wilson, Harrison, Ginn, Jobson, Rice, Jones, Smith.

Popular Birthplaces Essex, USA, Kent, Suffolk, Paglesham, Canada, London.

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Paglesham Regatta

Taken from HUNT'S YACHTING MAGAZINE – January 1859

PAGLESHAM!—Where is Paglesham ? Well, now, we had the same difficulty you have. After searching the Map of England from John O'Groat's House to the Land's End, Paglesham was nowhere visible. We turned the map upside down with no better result. A bright idea flashed across our brain. The postman shall find it out for us ! A letter shall be dispatched to the secretary—an answer most probably will be the result.
Paglesham Regatta
Paglesham Regatta
The idea succeeded ! and the village of Paglesham was revealed in all its splendour! O ! happy country ! O ! happy yachtsman ! whose government sends to the most remote places, on this our globe, for your instruction and pleasure.

This quiet and unpretending place, where so many jolly noses and so many sparkling black eyes are found in the opposite sexes, is really and truly within three hours of the metropolis, and is situated on a branch of the Crouch, a pretty little river about ten miles to the back of South End, and which river was proposed to be turned into a common sewer, into which all the refuse of London was to be sent by the Eastern Counties line—no engineer with a proper love for his oysters, could have contemplated such a sacrifice, for at the mouth, or near it, of this stream lies the town of Burnham where these delicious bivalves most do congregate.

Posted by clive on (24280 reads)
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The Frozen River Roach 1947
Frozen River Roach 1947
Frozen River Roach 1947

The River Roach - The Big Freeze 1947, the snowiest since 1814. From 22 January to 17 March in 1947, snow fell every day somewhere in the UK, with the weather so cold that the snow accumulated.

This year will long be remembered for the exceptionally cold winter. Ice floes formed on the river which were broken and piled up by the tides. Seven motorboats vanished from the river when the thaw and a falling tide also swept the floes out.
Winter Freeze 1947
Winter Freeze 1947
The cold water killed many eels and the seagulls could be seen feasting on them, while the oysters too suffered another setback as the temperature seldom rose more than a degree or two above freezing, unless the ice could be kept off the Oyster beds, the Oysters would die. It happened again in 1963 finishing off most of the Oyster Fishing in the area. The last of the fishermen captured in this article.

See http://www.winter1947.co.uk/ for some amazing weather maps and more photos; or the Met's Office weather report. For 1962/63 Winter summary see Mike Tullets website.

Posted by clive on (4446 reads)
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Family Generations
To see both family lines for an individual select from the individuals below. Note the icons photo available for Photo and history available for history when available for an individual.
Clive King
Charlotte King
Rebecca King
Caroline King
Tania King
Paul Thorogood
Faye Thorogood
Philip King
Peter Thorogood
Tina Thorogood
Karen Thorogood
Chris King
Kenneth King
Peter King
Janet Scorey
Martin King
Anna King
Ondine King
Cick on me to see Descendents Chart Example

Posted by clive on (3038 reads)
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Paglesham Video History
From c1970's, Paglesham in full unspoilt charm on Video, courtesy of The Rochford Hundred Historical Society. Running time 24mins.


Eastend this way

Churchend Post Office

view from St Peters

the Vanguard

Posted by clive on (5280 reads)
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Paglesham Photo History
View the extensive photo gallery for historical photographs on Paglesham and surrounding areas. We've have now obtained some great Pictures of Paglesham and the surrounding areas; We've also got recent pictures so that you can make a comparison of then and now. Prepare for a trip down memory lane, see the photos here.

The Punch Bowl, Church End, Paglesham, Essex c1914 and 2005

1914 2005

Posted by clive on (4395 reads)
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Paglesham Oyster Fishing; The industry and picture story
Paglesham Oysters 1980
Oysters 1980

One of the activities which have brought people to the village is oyster fishery, for which Paglesham has long been noted. Until the end of the last century a large proportion of the River Roach was common ground, although various people owned private oyster ‘layings ‘ in it. Then two or more oyster fishery companies were established.

The River Roach was unique among English estuaries as a ‘spatting’ ground. This was thought to be because the ‘spat’ at the mouth of the River Crouch was sent up by the flood tide into the Roach.

Paglesham Oysters Pits
Oyster Pits
It did not get out at Havengore, however, because it was delayed until the tide had swung around the Maplins , but this latter almost stopped the out-current of the Roach branch. The reverse action on the ebb tide drains northwards with a greatly weakened current and so, much ‘spat’ used to be trapped. The estuaries are comparatively shallow waters with muddy bottoms, and it is considered that the quality of Essex ‘natives‘ is due to the cold London clay which is the geological formation underlying the estuaries, and to the food supply contained in these waters.

Posted by clive on (22584 reads)
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Population Map 1861-1901
Using the figures captured from the census's between 1861 & 1901 (once every ten years), we have been able to chart out the populous distribution from where a significant part of the Keeble, Keable, Woolf, Thorogood & Fletcher family lived during these times.

One would expect for such provincial villages that the population remains fairly flat, that is not the case for Canewdon however which lost over 25% of its population in this time. Prittlewell saw an enormous hike in its population, rising over 700% (Yes, seven hundred). The principle reasons for this were new road and rail links to Prittlewell and the new town of Southend on Sea, making it very accessible and in due course most fashionable.

Posted by clive on (26769 reads)
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Smuggling in Paglesham
Smugglers ElmsPaglesham like much of the south Essex coast has a history famous for Smuggling, trade between Holland & France was very active with Brandy import and textiles exports; a very healthy business by all accounts. The Paglesham Post April 1975 wrote an interesting article on how some of the Paglesham characters played a part.

"Although sadly, the 'Smugglers Elms' are no longer standing their very name tells us of the smuggling that went on in and around Paglesham and neighbouring villages. To follow are a few titbits of information taken from various papers which relate to the smuggling activities of the area.

Posted by clive on (18938 reads)
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Wanted: George Keable & Elizabeth Larter
Desperately seeking more information with parentage and extended family of George Keable & Elizabeth Larter

Our earliest Keable linked to this family tree is George Keable, born in Fressingfield, Suffolk (part of the Hoxne district) c1813. A popular surname in Suffolk, our earliest record of George was his marriage to Elizabeth Larter, born bef 25 May 1804 (another popular surname in the village) of Fressingfield. The marriage, recorded in the Suffolk parish of registers, grants a licence on 4th Feb 1836, in the same year as their first child, George. Three further children followed with Elizabeth (1838), William (1840) and Charles, my 3rd Great Granddad, (10th May 1842, as recorded on his birth certificate, Christened 6th Jul 1842 LDS Fressingfield).

Posted by clive on (9858 reads)
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Martha Ann Woolf in 1926, a mere youngster at 88
Martha Ann Woolf in 1926, a mere youngster at 88

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